दिल्ली का ऑपरेटिव हाउसिंग सोसाइटी योजना

शुरुआत 18.26* लाख रुपये, उपलब्ध फ्लैट्स 1/2/3/4+S बीएचके, पंजीकरण राशि @ 11,000 रुपये *


With unavailability of land in almost all other parts of Delhi, Dwarka has emerged as one of the most apparent choice for real estate development in the region. And, co-operative Group Housing Society (CHS) makes a principal component of modern housing in Dwarka.

It is quite surprising to know that land to around 350 CHS has already been allotted out of which 75% is already accomplished and the remaining 25% have reached the advanced stage of completion. Amongst CHS, more than 70% comprises 3BHK ultra luxurious apartments and beyond that include 4BHK, 3+1 servant room or a Study while the rest ones are world-class studio apartments and 2BHK apartments.

Needless to say, land is the basis of all kinds of developments, be it hospitals, commercial establishments, factories, educational institutions, mega shopping malls, variety markets, delicious food outlets, all are developed on land. And Dwarka region of Delhi is naturally rich enough to fulfill all the land needs of groups as well as individuals seeking all types of properties.

In line with the same, Delhi CHS Yojna is considered to be among the most preferred, dependable and government approved models of the Cooperative Housing Society(CHS) Model in Delhi.

The fundamental concept in this scheme is based on the following-

  • 1 BHK flats for LIG (Lower Income Groups)
  • 2 BHK flats for MIG (Middle Income Groups)
  • 3 and 4 BHK flats and Super HIG for HIG(High Income Groups)

Thislatest development of property in Dwarka has triggered the never-beforeexpansion of metro, development of vibrant luxuries in the housing societies such as parks, welfare groups, swimming pools, and construction of huge shopping malls has enabled the people to lead a very easy, comfortable and luxurious life.

As people these days want their homes look unique and different, more beautiful having engraved highly creative designs and structures. A huge inclination towards stylish architecture and exclusive houses as well as property design have been observed in Delhi CHS Yojna,and all these hi- tech advancements have resulted inthe increased demand of these properties.

The Cooperative Housing Society model in the recent past has delivered unmatched excellence in the field of affordable housing project in the national capital while offering accommodation to a large number of people.

Needless to say, the real estate in Dwarka is always on the popular rise for a large number of reasons that include the following-

  • Planned structure and sound infrastructure for residential properties
  • The entire sub-city is replete with homes offering lucrative amenities.
  • The prices of the properties in Dwarka are also getting very competitive day by day.
  • To buy even a 2BHK apartment in Delhi’s Dwarka, people are selling off their 3BHK apartment in the neighboring areas.
  • Currently around 326 CHS are operational and on an average 100 people stay in a society
  • The major share in the booming up of property in Dwarka region goes to the trend of opening up of more and more government and private institution.

On the whole, Delhi CHS Yojna is the realization of dreams of people belonging to all classes and creeds. Here homes are designed and developed to meet the needs of everyone at a very economical price. It would also be good to say that future of real estate in the National Capital fully belongs to Dwarka. Be it a common home seeker or an investment maker, Delhi CHS Yojna has something to offer for each and every person. If you are also a real state enthusiast and want to make a move in Dwarka properties, then the right time and right place is nowhere but Delhi CHS Yojna.